Get to know Melissa’s

A South African food and lifestyle brand founded by Mark and Melissa van Hoogstraten in 1996.

Mark & Melissa van Hoogstraten opened their first Melissa’s store in August 1996 in Kloof Street, Cape Town.

The opening of their first store happened very much at the beginning of their life together and the business mirrors their lifestyle, values and appreciation for the classic and quality things in life.

It was these values that inspired them to create the Melissa’s stores & branded products. Melissa and Mark are totally committed to creating products and experiences for people who, like them, appreciate and value quality as well as honest, original, time-honoured production principles.

It’s this value system that has always driven their company strategy. Melissa’s is therefore unique in that it is really selling a personal mantra rather than a brand. This is reflected in their stores & products which embody these values.

Today, Mark and Melissa continue to be very involved in driving all aspects of this multi-faceted business.

The company has entered a very exciting phase driven by new franchised stores and an extensive wholesale division supplying Melissa’s stores and over 300 national retailers. Additional business units include e-commerce, export, corporate gifting and hospitality.

In 2016, Melissa’s launched the new Melissa’s Mantra and Melissa’s Mantra Café franchise concepts which are the result of the 20-year evolution of our business as well as the ever-changing lives of our customers. To learn more about Melissa’s brands, click here.