Posted on September 28, 2017

Spring Gardening

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Spring is the ideal time to plant seeds that will soon be transformed into vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Springtime calls us back to nature to enjoy the fresh air, warm sun, blooming flowers and most importantly the satisfaction of cooking with homegrown seasonal ingredients. If you live in a small flat or don’t have the luxury of a big garden there are still so many opportunities to grow your own food. It’s amazing how much produce can grow in a small pot or on a windowsill. Why not buy a sprouting system and grow your own sprouts in a sunny spot? Below is a list of veggies, fruit and herbs to plant this October.

Use this Spring as an excuse for a good clear-out. If you haven’t looked at something in 6 months or more, donate it to charity! Make use of the new space to update your home with some beautiful new homewareLove soup but overdone it in winter? Start eating salads again. Here are a few recipe ideas

The earth is softened and the dormant grass is alive, put on your gumboots and start digging in your garden again. It’s free therapy for the soul!

Beetroot Basil Gooseberries
Asparagus Chives Watermelon
Sweet Peppers Fennel Strawberries
Carrot Rosemary Melon
Cauliflower Ginger
Chicory Dill
Eggplant Parsley
Jerusalem Artichokes Coriander
Lettuce Angelic
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