Posted on November 27, 2017

Make Your Own Holiday Wreath

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Skip the mass-produced decorations and make a beautiful homemade holiday wreath to adorn your front door this year… Melissa shows you how in 3 easy steps.



Step 1

Use hardy foliage as your main wreath base. You can use plants such as bay, bluegum and slangbos. Collect some finer flowers, seeds and stems for decoration such as poppy pods, artichokes, proteas and ericas.



Step 2

Create your base using the hardiest branches first. Bunch the foliage together and secure with copper wire, bending the branches to create a circular shape. Once you’ve made your round wreath base, secure finer branches, seeds and flowers using the copper wire. Keep layering until your wreath is nice and thick with leaves and flowers. You can also add some Christmas decorations for a more traditional look.



Step 3

After you’ve finished adding the finer details, tie a piece of colourful ribbon to the top of your wreath and hang from a tree in your garden, over the mantelpiece or on the front door.
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