Best Bathtub Reviews In Uk By Consumer Reports 2020

Bathing is one of the things that make us human. That is, it is one of the most crucial engagement humans involved in while going on with the day-to-day activities. Unlike other actions, bathing should be something that comes with easiness and comfort.

Unfortunately, not all units come to comfort and convenience. This makes the best bathtub different from other models in the market today. As a result of many tubs in the industry, it is often difficult to identify the best from other models. This post offers a detailed review of the best four bathtubs you would love to have. This article also comes with a buying guide.

Top 4 Best Bathtubs Reviews

1. OVE Rachel 70-Inch Acrylic Bathtub

On the top of our list for the best bathtub is OVE Rachel 70-inch acrylic bathtub. This is a high-end bathtub with an attractive design. It is made with a freestanding bathroom accessory that makes this model suit your taste. It has leveling legs that make it stand firmly on any ground.

This bathtub is durable as it is made with fiberglass reinforcement that enables it to withstand any misuse. It has a drain plug that allows water to exit the tub easily. Another feature that you would love about this model is that it is a freestanding bathtub that is lightweight and can be moved for installation without any stress. To assure you of its safety and efficiency, this bathtub is trusted, tested, and certified by ULC and CSA, which are the gold standard.


  • Has an attractive design
  • Made with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Lightweight
  • Certified by ULC and CSA


  • Not easy to install

2. American Standard Cambridge 5-Fee Tub With Left-Hand Drain

When it comes to the production of bathroom material with long term durability, American Standard is one of the best brands in the industry. Over some decades, this company has been known with a high level of performances. This model from American Standard is a 5-foot bathtub with a simple design that comes with a left-hand drain outlet.

This model is 32-inch wide suitable for tall individuals. The tub is made with Americast material that is lighter and more durable than other units. Likewise, it is coated in a slip-resistant material that keeps you safe whenever you are bathing with this product. American Standard Cambridge 5-fee tub with left-hand drain is easy to install as it comes with an integral apron.


  • Made with Americast material
  • Durable
  • Coated in a slip-resistant material
  • Easy to install


  • Not coated evenly

3. AKDY F210 Freestanding Bathtub

Unlike other units, this unit is built with double-wall construction. This construction helps the bathtub to retain a high level of heat. These two walls hold up the body heat inside of the tub to keep you cool and cozy whenever you get into it. It has a large capacity that can take up to about 79 gallons of water at the same time.

The size of the bathtub allows you and your kids to enjoy a bath together. This model is easy to set up within a short period. It has adjustable feet that put the bathroom accessory in level with uneven surfaces. It has a drainage pipe that makes the used water exit the tub easily.


  • Has a double-wall construction
  • Has a large capacity
  • Comes with adjustable feet
  • Comes with drainage pipe


  • Has tedious installation procedure

4. Heisenberg 5.7 ft. Handmade Pure Solid Copper Freestanding Claw

If you are in search of a bathtub that has a sleek and attractive design, this is what you are looking for. This model from Heisenberg this claw-footed, which makes it mobility easy and straightforward. It is made of hammered antique copper that gives your bathroom an elegant look.

This bathtub stands alone and measures 67.5 x 32 inches overall that makes it a comfortable unit to bath in. Also, it has a soaking depth of 15 inches. Since it is coated with a lacquer material, you are sure that this model will be stain-free all along.


  • Has a sleek and attractive design
  • Easy to move
  • Made of hammered antique
  • Coated with a lacquer material


  • Installing this unit could be a bit challenging.

Buying Guide

With numerous brands in the industry producing products with same features and designs, it is most of the time tricky to differentiate one unit from the other. However, are some factors to consider and some features to look for whenever you want to purchase a bathtub.

Types of Bathtub

This is one of the most important factors to consider whenever you want to buy a tub. There are different varieties of tubs in the market today, ranging from soaking bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs to air & whirlpool tubs. Each of these units has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, soaking tubs are deeper units that allow you to immerse your entire body into the water. These models also can hold more water. Unlike soaking tubs, walk-in products have a door at the side that allows you to walk into the tub without the need to climb like you used to do for other models. It is an ideal one for people with limited mobility and elderly ones.

Often, you tend to get an in-built seat with this model. Air tubs are models that offer you a warm sensation of pulsating water jets. You would also enjoy caressing and massaging in every part of the body.

Bathtub Materials

Another vital feature to look for in a bathtub is the material in which the model is made. While some units are constructed with cast iron, others are made with acrylic, fiberglass and other materials. The cast iron is one of the most durable materials in the industry today.

However, it only lasts for a short before it gets worn down. Acrylic material is a variety of plastic and is lighter in weight when compared with other units. The fiberglass material is often covered with Gelcoat, and it is less durable and can be scratched or cracked.


Bathtubs are one of the most important devices in the bathroom. Therefore, you can make use of the reviews of these products to choose the best bathtubs that suit your taste. Meanwhile, the factors are important to consider to get the best unit for your bathroom.